Saturday, February 2, 2008

We are alive!!

We have been so busy, that I havn't been able to update all of you on our busy lives!! Wow havn't done one since January 23rd.
We had another basketball game on January 26th, they played the fourth grade girls, Carissa's team is all 3rd girls they lost 22-12, they played a good game, so Iguess that is all that counts!
Sunday the 27th, Kriss celebrated his 33rd birthday, so we did the cake & ice cream goodies, and he decided that he want to go snowmobiling so off we went. Snowmobiling or going out to eat we were all happy that he decided to play in the snow!

All last week was another hectic work week, I sure wish it would slow down sometime soon, we had snow but not as much as some of the rest of you! Karen we are so glad that you guys are all safe cause you got a lot! The schools here were only late one day & didn't miss any days.
So far the only one of us that has been sick has been Kriss, so hopfully the rest of us don't get it as I hate staying home from work when I'm sick as it takes me forever to get caught back up at work! Cause when I'm gone no one does my work for me so that kinda sucks!

Well that sums up our week! We are headed to another basketball game today at 3:00 we are hoping for a good game & I hope we get her basketball pictures back today as I think they are going to be so cute!
Well, I'm gonna get going Carissa has just informed that she wants a new pair of shoes, and she is making out her birthday list! So I figured if I go get her a new pair of shoes she will leave mine alone!!
Yeah, its snowing right now!! We have about 1/2 inch of new!! Let it snow!