Saturday, March 22, 2008

Donkey Basketball
Crazy kid
Getting ready to decorate for Easter
Snow Castle at White Pass
My Little Basketball Star

Hello & Happy Easter

Just a recap on life these days~
Carissa turned 9 on Febuary 28th, she had a bowling party with a few friends spending the night this was the 1st time that she wanted anyone to stay over so it was a shock! Her dad got her a special present just from him that was a PSP... she was one happy girl. We took the girls up to White Pass for the winter carnval which was pretty cool they had fireworks and some neat snow castles and carvings made out of snow

Basketball is now done and her coach highly recommends her to be on a aau team next year, as he says she is a great player. The only think with aau is that they travel alot, but heck I figure if it is something that she wants to do we are more than willing to let her do it.

We have just been snowmobiling as we are trying to get as much of it done as the season is just about over for that the snow is melting pretty fast, then onto the warm weather and racing season I love the racing season as we get to see friends that we havn't seen all winter long!

I took Carissa to a Donkey Basketball game the other night at the High School and I didn't know that they used real live donkeys! That had to be the funniest thing that I have ever seen and this is an annual thing so we will be going again next year!

Carissa just got done dying easter eggs, so we are now ready for the easter bunny to come tommorrow! Hope all of you are ready too ready for the warm weather it was 60 here today Whoo Hooo!