Monday, June 2, 2008

Kriss Finally Gets His Helment Painted!

Kriss has been wanting his race car helment painted, forever so he finally took it to Chance and told him to paint it however he wanted to and this is the finishing result!! He did an awsome job and it looks great!

Selah Community Days May 17th, 2008

Every year in May Selah has a community days it starts on Thursday and goes until Sunday, there is a hobo feed, car show, parade, carnival, fireworks, concerts in the park. We have been taking Carissa every year since she was born, my parents use to take us every year growing up so this is something we look forward to doing every year!
Carissa loves the slide and her facial expressions on this one is funny! She said it was really slippery and she has never went down the slide that fast before! She liked it so much I think she went back up 10-15 more times! Until we had to leave and go to the races!
She is going to be a racer just like her dad!
It was a nice day weather wise, we got sunburnt, but Carissa had alot of fun so the sunburnt was well worth it!

Bowling with the girls from work May 16th, 2008

So the girls from work decided it would be fun to go bowling for my birthday, which yes bowling is fun as we go quite a bit but when I agreed to go with them from work didn't realize that half of them have never bowled before! Which made it for quite an interesting night, we had one of our supervisor's get too close to the alley and need less to say she slipped and fell and slide a little ways down the lane! They had just waxed the floors so it was really slippery, one decided not to use the holes in the ball, and threw the ball in the other lane! Mighty interesting to make matters better there was kids bowling there that we doing a better job then they where!!
Well I bowled a 194 that night and then next person was at a 43 so they said I can't go anymore! But it was a fun night with the girls!!

2 Months Time For An Update.... 1st Off SuperCross Qwest Field-Seattle April 26th, 2008

When we are not racing or going to car racing Carissa is a big fan of Super Cross, Her Favorite rider is James "Bubba" Stewart, and Chad Reed, This year James isnt racing due to an injury but he was there, we had pit passes so we took her down into the pits before the race, every year we go and she gets close to him, but we miss the ticket hand out for the autographs so yet again this is all the closer she got to him. It was a great race we went with friends so that made the night much funner!

Here is the gang.... Carissa and Logan supporting thier rider