Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just an update!

Hello everyone~
Just a quick update we have been so darn busy, well on Sunday Kriss & I went on the snowmobile poker run, there were alot of people & with this being our first one we really didn't know what to expect! There was about 300 snowmobilers there, they had 5 check points set up though out the 24.1 mile ride, where we would draw a card out of the bucket & they would punch our poker cards, the best I could get was a pair of queens, and Kriss got 3 of a kind w/tens so not bad, but most of all we had a great time, it was also snowing all day which made it even better, we were a bit sore come Monday as the trail was very rough with all the snowmobiles on it but would do it again in a heart beat!

Monday & Tuesday~ Nothing great back to busy, hectic work, we are so darn busy that at the end of the work day you have been so busy that it fills like you didn't get a darn thing done, which I'm sure I'm progressing somewhere but my desk sure don't look like it! One good thing about it the days go by really fast & so does the week so the weekend comes faster!!

Today~ Wed was another basketball practice for Carissa, coach wasn't there tonight as he had a family emergency or something so one of the girls dad coached witch for him never doing it before he did a great job! I'm just not starting to get use to being a sports mom as Carissa has never been into playing sports, unless it was racing & of course I know how to do that! LOL She tired soccer for a season and absolutely hated it and she plays basketball outside with the boys and seemed to like it so I made the suggestion for her to play on a team I'm so glad I did cause she loves it, she is picking up the rules of the game quite well as all she knew is how to make baskets, and she is now finding out that there is more to the game then making baskets!!

I'm the type of parent that don't force her to play a sport, I figure I will make the suggestion if I think that she will like it and she can either do it or don't do it & I will have no hurt feelings if she don't like my suggestion!!! So far that seems to work we have now figured out that she absolutely don't want to race which is very unusual as I figured that would be the one think that she would want to do since she has grown up at the race track since she was 2 weeks old and loves it!! But we will see she may eventually change her mind!!

The most important part of today is that Kriss & I celebrated our "anniversary" we have been together 10 happy years today! As I say happily unmarried!!!

I hope that this week has brought joy & happiness to each one of you, as I'm headed to bed so I can get up tomorrow and go to work yuck but hey I'm working for the weekend!! As we have another busy weekend planned in the snow!!

Take care, I think about each one of you every day!! Sorry no pictures this time :~( I have kinda slacked on the picture taking which is very unusual for me, most of the time I hear put that camera away you have enough pictures already which is a famous quote from Carissa!!