Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Reptile Man at Carissa's School

Well I got home from work today & Carissa told me that the Reptile Man was at her school during the day & he was going to have another show at 7:00. So she wanted to go! We have went to the the actual Reptile Zoo in Monroe & seen all the snakes, he has the top 10 worlds deadliest snakes, 2 headed turtle, alligators, and much much more. She isn't into the snake thing but thought since it was at her school & all the kids were going she thought she needed to be one of them! So off we go to her school, the turn out was amazing I can't believe that many people showed up with their families, the "Reptile Man" aka Scott Petersen has a degree in Zoology & Education & has been featured on Disney's Bill Nye The Science Guy. He explained all the snakes, what they eat, how deadly they are, where you can find them. So his knowledge of them was just amazing, he had a King Cobra that was 13 feet long & he put it on the floor, & had him put his head up & flair it out, then he put music on & this snake danced to the music, it was something you would see on TV, I thought it was really neat & (I HATE SNAKES)!! Something that I also didn't know that each type of snake, makes a different sound, he had them do the sounds one sounded like a huffing sound. Interesting!

I didn't bring my camera tonight :( but here is some of the pictures that we took of these Reptiles when we were at this Zoo last summer! Unfortunately I don't like the snakes so I didn't take any pictures of them.
This was the highlight of my day! Hope all of you had a great Tuesday, & a happy Wednesday tomorrow as I will be off to basketball practice with Carissa.