Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello hello~

Whoo hoo it's racing season, and I was told this weekend at the races that I was slacking on my blog (thanks Ray!!, so I updated it just for you!)

We havn't been up to much of nothing, the Monster Trucks were here the 1st week of April so we took Carissa to watch them & for them being in the Sundome it was a pretty good show... it could of been in a bigger place or outside.

Our Spring Break wasn't nothing spectacular (wish I was on Spring Break with Heather, Blake, and Emily) Carissa stayed at my Mom's all week but they have a spring break carnival at the mall so I took her to it and like always she had fun!

That pretty much sums up our month! That and it's finally racing season Whoo hooo, the Apple Cup was this weekend, Kriss didn't race but it was sure nice to just sit & watch but he did help his buddy Jeff work on his hobby car & he finished 5th in the race so not bad! That and the late models would have to say great job Bj on his win with his mom in the hospital in serious condition I was glad to see him win!

So we look forward to spending our Saturdays racing or watching a race somewhere!! So bring on the warm weather & the fast cars!

Gentlemen start your engines & lets go racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

We would have loved to have you with us! Looks like you had a good time too though. I can't believe how big Carissa is getting. She looks like she's as tall as me! Thanks for the update - take care.